Your bohemian escape especially curated for you

Upon our exceedingly intimate Baa atoll retreat, we understand that you, our beloved guests, want every facet of your escape to be bespoke beyond belief. That’s why we have created the below options for you to ponder upon. Make The Nautilus your temporary Maldivian hideaway, your exclusive retreat you just keep coming back to, your long-lasting escape from the real world or even your entire island just yourself. Come alone or with loved ones and witness simply extraordinary hospitality personalised all for you.

Bohemian Dreaming

A festive fairytale

In a world where all our moments are scheduled and planned,
you deserve unconditional freedom sprinkled with some whimsical magic. To dream up a story that will take you through pages of enchantment.
To be spellbound and set free.

We have the perfect place for you, where you can wish upon a star and watch your fairy tale unfold.

A private island all to yourself

An ultra-private island at your command: embrace extraordinary moments and feel pure liberation with those who matter most to you. Free of clocks and unshackled from the pressures of everyday life, The Nautilus is your refuge of wonder.

Workation from paradise

Working has never felt so easy with The Nautilus workation package. Work remotely from paradise in your private beach house. Have the ultimate zoom call background from our castaway sandbank that will be your office for a day, have a private PA on hand 24/7 and continue your corporate errands whilst your children engage in a bespoke educational programme by Young Wonderers. Available from seven nights or longer if you decide you simply can’t leave your new paradise office.

A Home from Home

With wellbeing and spending time with those who really matter to us on the top of everyone’s agendas now more than ever, The Nautilus’ Home from Home offer allows you to wholly forget about any external stress and simply focus on the moment. Allow our world-class team to prepare your Nautilus home just the way you like it and simply sit back and embrace your new Maldivian retreat.

The Nautilus Unbound

With hyper-personalisation at our core and liberation at our heart, The Nautilus Unbound allows you to enjoy your ultra-luxe private experience. Forget about multiple receipts and just focus on the moment. Allow our team to work with you on tailoring every single detail that counts to create the ultimate personal package just right for you, no matter how complicated it may be. Browse your potential Nautilus beach or residence with our impressive AI online system – the choice is all yours.

The Ultra-Itinerary

Welcome to The Nautilus Ultra-Itinerary, where you can expect the unexpected and forget about the word no. Curated especially for thrill-seekers in mind, you can experience The Nautilus like no other. Including the very best of the already incredible options we have, the ultra-itinerary includes staying in our castle on the sand, The Nautilus Mansion, a private yacht cruise amidst sunset hues and a voyage to the unrivalled Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, for a sub-aqua dance with the manta rays. Top off your ultra-itinerary by skydiving from heights of 12,000ft above the Indian Ocean. The Nautilus’ Ultra-Itinerary is yours to make the unbelievable unforgettable.

Ultra-Luxe Girlfriends’ Getaway

With boundless freedom at the heart of everything The Nautilus does, the “Ultra-Luxe Girlfriends’ Getaway” package, designed exclusively for women in the GCC, provides the opportunity to come together and reforge ladies’ bonds after months of being cooped up at home.

Celebrations at The Nautilus

Whether you want to celebrate a special birthday in the tropics, cheer for a personal achievement or simply unite with family and loved ones just to celebrate life itself, The Nautilus is able to create totally bespoke celebrations to cater to your every whim.